Top 4 highlights of Hubsan H501s x4


Hubsan has created a wide range of kinds of automatons consistently, all of which have been effective in the android advertise. Discharged in 2015, they’ve concocted the Hubsan H501S X4 quad copter ramble which is loaded with helpful highlights, giving you a fantastic exhibition with a somewhat moderate sticker price. If you want to know more about this, then read Hubsan H501s x4 review.

The H501S X4 quad copter is intended for magnificent quality video film and photographs, and the same number of automaton fans are noticing, it’s one of the more reasonable quad copter rambles for taking “selfie” photographs.


  • The Barometer Altitude mode causes the automaton to float set up at particular tallness and keeps up a similar stature self-sufficiently without you squeezing or hold a catch.
  • The Headless mode lets the H501S X4 fly towards whatever bearing is in respect to the pilot’s controls. With this, there is no characterized “head” or “tail” of the automaton which kills any confounding control headings and modified flight designs. Squeezing forward methods the android will push ahead, pressing right moves it right, and so forth.
  • The OSD Live Data is another smart element that is legitimately shown on the First Person View LCD screen that is incorporated with the remote control transmitter.
  • The vital information demonstrates the pilot data, for example, the automaton’s position, its speed, elevation, how much battery life it has left, and numerous different details.

Thus, these are some feature of Hubsan H501s x4 that help you in knowing more about it.